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Alma mater: SAJC


Melissa's photo challenge


P.S. I truly am an awkward model that it pains my eyes to see myself in the pictures. It's like 'wtf were you trying to do and show dude, that's pathetically obscene and scarring.' You know sometimes you feel so good about yourself and then the pictures tells you otherwise? I think I feel that every single time and I swear it eats away your confidence and self-esteem every single time.


Guess who just got a picture with her new idol, Dandy!
*those chest pops fuohhhhhhh! with every pop of his chest, my heart skips a little HAHAH

We ate tiong bahru

Always thankful for having meet this wonderful human being who's so genuine and real. One who isn't afraid of doing stupid things together, making our own silly mistakes and laughing over it 'cause who else is there to judge us but ourselves?