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It's hard to reach everyone when we're all on different paths but we try.

What are labs?

No more weekly 3 pm hunger whines, no more weekly self-set missions (of getting to talk to the lone ranger of our group), no more random singing of minions' "banana" or our TA names, no more trying to figure out how to use that awfully old micropipette, no more feeling like your hands would never be clean again after them being stuffed in blue latex for 6hours, no more having to fight the urge to drink water, no more feeling like you're wasting your life away while some incubation or spin is being done, no more feeling like you're clueless and useless at times, no more repeat of experiments! Today is the day! Thank heavens!
As much as I am thankful for the wonderful memories and entertainment we've brought to ourselves and had the whole load of time to discover more about one another, I'm really glad this is over ;') Thank goodness for these kind souls who helped to pull through this awful journey!

A little

sometimes it just gets so painful it hurts. you start to think about what went wrong and when did it all go wrong. to those days that have gone past, am I the only one who think back to 'em and wish time could just turn back to how it was back then? I know people come and go, and for those destined to be part of your life, stays. But farewell aren't farewells until a proper goodbye isn't it. can't deny that at times it hits me hard (like when our unfated paths decided to cross and it takes every ounce of energy to pretend it's all okay) but well... I guess that is just my part of the story. Everyone's dying a little on the inside in their own ways, isn't it. So now we just got to know who is it that we are willing to sacrifice that part of our soul for.

Lock the gates, guard the doors and close 'em shut.

Once a twinkle

She was just another rhinestone amongst other sparkles.  Once cherished, once exalted, before another dulled her twinkle.
But have you ever wondered how she felt?
Abandoned and worthless, perhaps.
Throw in a little self-doubt and a little hole to her heart.

Lab, the devil

And now I drag my dead feet across the very cause of my misery.
And by that I mean the fucking torturous 6 hours worth of lab and its faithful little devil named 'report'. Seriously on a self-blame journey of putting myself on this tough spot. They say to love the work you do and not only do what you love but love has always been an issue I've struggled with. I've tried it but really, lab work and me just don't belong in the same equation unless it's involving the mathematical function of inequality (≠). Why life science oh life science. I kind of envy people who actually say they do enjoy labs and research.. How easy would that to determine where you'd want to go after graduating from a life science major? Just hop on board to the 'Research Express' and ride away. Hating labs means that 2 out of 3 of my specialisation branches are out of the way and I'm left with environmental biology. And there again I question myself, do I really love it be…