A little

sometimes it just gets so painful it hurts. you start to think about what went wrong and when did it all go wrong. to those days that have gone past, am I the only one who think back to 'em and wish time could just turn back to how it was back then? I know people come and go, and for those destined to be part of your life, stays. But farewell aren't farewells until a proper goodbye isn't it. can't deny that at times it hits me hard (like when our unfated paths decided to cross and it takes every ounce of energy to pretend it's all okay) but well... I guess that is just my part of the story. Everyone's dying a little on the inside in their own ways, isn't it. So now we just got to know who is it that we are willing to sacrifice that part of our soul for.

Lock the gates, guard the doors and close 'em shut.