Lab, the devil

And now I drag my dead feet across the very cause of my misery.

And by that I mean the fucking torturous 6 hours worth of lab and its faithful little devil named 'report'. Seriously on a self-blame journey of putting myself on this tough spot. They say to love the work you do and not only do what you love but love has always been an issue I've struggled with. I've tried it but really, lab work and me just don't belong in the same equation unless it's involving the mathematical function of inequality (≠). Why life science oh life science. I kind of envy people who actually say they do enjoy labs and research.. How easy would that to determine where you'd want to go after graduating from a life science major? Just hop on board to the 'Research Express' and ride away. Hating labs means that 2 out of 3 of my specialisation branches are out of the way and I'm left with environmental biology. And there again I question myself, do I really love it because I am ever so passionate about it or is it just the best choice offered to me? 

I wonder where my dreams went. I wonder where my passion ran to. I wonder why am I not chasing a life for myself instead of just following this social construct somebody else thought of.