Capturing moments (episode 1)

And so... we did what we promised ourselves --  a photoshoot! It was a little haphazard and messy and uncoordinated but it all turned out well and we had fun so yay!

To times like these when life is more than completing assignments :D

P.S. A whole bunch of narcissistic and awkward pictures coming up bzzt. And these are just a fraction of either the better ones or the more unglam ones! And really.... Need to level up photography skills :'< HOW DO I FRAME A NICE PICTURE OMG + totally need to speed up on using manual settings.

 (I seriously think this is my best shot of the day, no?)

And here's to end off the day after walking around Botanic Gardens! (Berry Ricotta Hotcakes @ Curious palette, which is awesome but definitely ain't meant for one.)