I'm trying

Nope dad, it's totally not okay for you to not be there and in the moment to appreciate or to just bask your daughter with genuine love and concern in the only glory time she wants of her birthday. Your presence, your undivided attention and your care were all that was needed of you. Is it too much, I wonder? To be manipulating her one minute of fame into your more than trivial or more like seriously-noone-gives-a-fuck matters... That's just so... Rude?

Don't know if I'm too sensitive (like always am) but the short period of time we spent together certainly did not feel good at all. Gotta start listening to others before you want others to listen to you, that's how we communicate isn't it? Sometimes it gets so hard to control it all in or to try not to show my displeasure. I'd slap myself for being a unfillial imprudent little brat so many times but seriously, you're not helping either.