so much oblivion, such masked spectacles I've been wearing and filtered voices I've been hearing, or at least that's what I myself have done.

Wishing things would have happened the way you imagine it doesn't cut it. You have to make it come true, with efforts. Just because some things might not affect you directly right here right now, it doesn't mean you can ignore it or act like nothing is going to change. Time would pass you by and would tell just how much efforts you had poured out. Is that all that you could have done? Or is it something that you should have done better? Are you contended with the outcomes of your effort? No, not at all?

Then, it's time to wake up and start changing. Take those steps. Reciprocate those efforts. Make an attempt. Strike those conversations that could flower them roses. Hunt them down like a hungry predator or stalk them down like a creepy old hag -- the point is, just keep them in your loop and you in theirs. Be involved. Be proactive. Be giving. Be more than yourself.