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Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn)

Guess who finished this book in just a matter of days?! It was one of those 'ugh I should better spend my wasted time on train rides. I should put down my phone for a second, rest my eyes, brain and of course, save on my data usage' moments. This book came along and while it did begin on train rides, I found myself sneaking a few pages, or so it seems to be actually tens of pages and more, whenever I can afford to. I gotta say though, thank goodness the name 'Gone Girl' was so plain, that I have actually yet to hit play on the movie adaptation that I have downloaded. Here comes all the surprises I never knew about! (and also all the upcoming spoilers, heads up)

It's funny, but what's got me hooked was how ridiculous it all seemed and is. Let me just lay out the setting first and foremost.

This story is about how this born country boy (Nick Dunne), whom successfully made it to upstate New York, had lost his wife (Amy Elliot-Dunne). His wife, who had it all luck…