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IT man

It was going close to a quarter past 10 at night. The platform level of Outram Park MRT station was bustling with noise from every corner. Stories of a hard day at work. Laughter from jokes with a friend. Music blasting from terrible ear pieces. Heads bowed down to worship the holy screen. But each to their own, everyone was minding their own businesses.
Almost all but one.
"You! Why you.... ..." an indiscernible but loud voice barely came through the first time. Heads turned to the source of the commotion as it turns audibly louder and more distinct. A guy in his mid-50s perhaps, dressed in your normal uncle wear -- white tee with khaki shorts that stopped short in the knees. A guy in his thirties, well-dressed and holding on to a huge luggage. The shoutings came from the older guy. I guess he was drunk because I could not really make out what he was saying apart from a few 'you Bangladeshi... go back home... here Singapore you know...'. I didn't have t…